New Products At The Miranda Shop!

There are some WONDERFUL new products available now at The Miranda Shop! So do please gallop over and have a look!

The Miranda Shop is committed to selling unique and playful products, plus supporting charities who help people living with chronic illness. Your purchases make a difference – thank you!

Chatty Rambles

Miranda, whilst in lockdown, has launched her now extremely popular Chatty Rambles (or Chambles!)

Catch them on instaTV, Facebook or YouTube (here!) to receive some wise, thoughtful musings that are helping many people as well as much silliness. All unprepared. Just chat.

Such Fun Film News: Emma!

EMMA is now available ONLINE! Roll up, roll up! Miranda as Miss Bates. Cast includes Bill Nighy, Josh O’ Connor, Johnny Flynn and Anya Taylor Joy as Emma.

“Miranda Hart as Miss Bates, a disadvantaged friend to the Woodhouses, is inspired casting with her awkwardly loud and shrill voice matching with the comedian’s ample sense of timing, always hitting the perfect notes.”

“A gorgeously shot Jane Austen adaptation with balletic comedy, eccentric characters, and sexual bite”