Such Fun


  • I Haven’t Been Entirely Honest With You

    Hello to you, I am with news. I have a new book: I Haven’t Been Entirely Honest With You. I know – what an intriguing title!

    Basically, I have had an unexpectedly difficult decade – there have been surprising joys but also deep revelations and challenging lows. I shall be honest about those, because what I discovered in the difficult times were my, what I call, treasures. Treasures – practical tools, values, ways, answers researched from some great scientists, neuroscientists, therapists, sociologists (all the ‘ists’) out there – that have genuinely led to a sense of freedom, joy, peace and physical recovery I never would have thought possible. Life now, amazingly, with what I will share is – SUCH FUN! (Always important to quote your own catch phrases…)

    If you fancy having a read, then I hope my story might help your story. After all, we are in this beautiful, mysterious, challenging life together. Rest assured there are funny stories along the way – we will have a laugh too, my dear reader chum. Oh, and I couldn’t possibly say if there is a love story in it . . . (There is – shush.) Exciting!

    For more info and to pre-order now head to Amazon, Waterstones, Waterstones (Signed Copy!), WH Smith,, Audible, Apple Audiobooks or Apple E-Books

  • Good Housekeeping Magazine!

    I am delighted to be writing a monthly column for Good Housekeeping magazine. Hark at me a columnist!

    Keep an eye out for what I hope will be gentle musings on how we can navigate this wonderful but often challenging world of ours.

  • The Canterville Ghost!

    I’ve done a part in an animation – The Canterville Ghost – and I loved it! Comes to Cinemas September 22nd. Cast includes Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton and Meera Seyal. Enjoy!

  • New Products At The Miranda Shop!

    There are some WONDERFUL new products available now at The Miranda Shop! So do please gallop over and have a look!

    The Miranda Shop is committed to selling unique and playful products, plus supporting charities who help people living with chronic illness. Your purchases make a difference – thank you!