Such Fun


  • Good Housekeeping Magazine!

    I am delighted to be writing a monthly column for Good Housekeeping magazine. Hark at me a columnist!

    Keep an eye out for what I hope will be gentle musings on how we can navigate this wonderful but often challenging world of ours.

  • The Canterville Ghost!

    I’ve done a part in an animation – The Canterville Ghost – and I loved it! Comes to Cinemas September 22nd. Cast includes Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton and Meera Seyal. Enjoy!

  • New Products At The Miranda Shop!

    There are some WONDERFUL new products available now at The Miranda Shop! So do please gallop over and have a look!

    The Miranda Shop is committed to selling unique and playful products, plus supporting charities who help people living with chronic illness. Your purchases make a difference – thank you!

  • Chatty Rambles

    Miranda, whilst in lockdown, has launched her now extremely popular Chatty Rambles (or Chambles!)

    Catch them on instaTV, Facebook or YouTube (here!) to receive some wise, thoughtful musings that are helping many people as well as much silliness. All unprepared. Just chat.