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  • “I hope my story might help your story. After all, we are in this beautiful, mysterious, challenging life together. Rest assured there are funny stories along the way – we will have a laugh too, my dear reader chum. Oh, and I couldn’t possibly say if there is a love story in it . . . (There is – shush.) Exciting!”

    I Haven’t Been Entirely Honest With You

    I have had an unexpectedly difficult decade – there have been surprising joys but also deep revelations and challenging lows. I shall be honest about those, because what I discovered in the difficult times were my, what I call, treasures. Treasures – practical tools, values, ways, answers researched from some great scientists, neuroscientists, therapists, sociologists (all the ‘ists’) out there – that have genuinely led to a sense of freedom, joy, peace and physical recovery I never would have thought possible. Life now, amazingly, with what I will share is – SUCH FUN! (Always important to quote your own catch phrases…)

  • “I think it’s sad when people stop dreaming, or start losing hope. Because holding onto the bonkers dream might just turn out to be the most marvellous thing you ever did.”

    Is It Just Me?

    I only went and won the Non Fiction Book of the Year for this. I would love you to read it because it’s my comedic take on all of life’s little nuanced trials and tribulations that we never really talk about, and I share a lot of truly embarrassing stories that I hope means you don’t feel alone if you ever fall flat on your face (literally or metaphorically).

    Audiobook available.

  • “Then I caught Peggy out of the corner of my eye. I saw how she was behaving; completely absorbed in her surroundings… and I knew that the only way I could be happy was if I did the same”

    Peggy & Me

    Peggy, my beloved dog, has been with me since 2007 when my life started to change drastically after a break up. This book charts 10 years of my life as ‘Miranda’ takes off through the world of dog ownership and all that our canine best friends can teach us. It’s less naff than how I just described it!

    Audiobook available.

  • “Ever feel like you deserve some royal treatment? You should do, you’re amazing. Don’t go forgetting that now, will you? I will have no beating yourself up on my watch! Pretend”

    Miranda’s Daily Dose of Such Fun

    I wrote this at a difficult time in my life to help me get through – 365 ideas to jolly up every day. From ridiculously silly challenges just for the laugh, to acts of kindness or ways to bring you calm.

    All my royalties for this go to the charity Comic Relief who support fantastic projects that change the lives of vulnerable people in the UK and Africa.

  • “Hello to you and thanks for joining. This is exciting isn’t it? Eh? Now let me get you up to speed. Previously in my life, my mother tried to marry me off.”

    The Best Of Miranda

    A book for any true Miranda fans – hello to you. It’s got the actual scripts from my favourite episodes and some behind the scenes exclusives as well as information about the process of filming and writing a studio audience sitcom. And some nice photos too.