Miranda launched on BBC Two in 2009. It ran for two series, before moving to BBC One in 2013. It was one of the highest rated comedy shows with an average of over 9 million viewers. The show has won several awards including Best New Comedy at the Comedy Awards 2011 and from then two RTS Awards, 2 BAFTA nominations and 2 NTA nominations. Miranda herself has won 3 British Comedy Awards for Best Comedy Actress, 2 RTS Awards, 3 BAFTA nominations and she won the Queen of Comedy People’s Choice Award at the Comedy Awards in 2011.

Miranda pitched the idea to a producer at the BBC in 2005 who saw one of Miranda’s One Woman shows at the Edinburgh Festival. It was another 2 to 3 years of development before a pilot was commissioned which was made in February 2008. A series was commissioned in the Summer of 2008.

Miranda had been going to the Edinburgh Festival to put on shows since 1994 and by 2002 had an on stage persona she began to have confidence in, and eventually felt she could work as a central sitcom character. “No one else was going to cast me as a lead in a sitcom, I knew I’d have to write it! There was nothing even resembling over night success but looking back I am glad it took that long to break in to the industry as it gave me time to really hone and nurture my alter-ego which in turn meant I had the clearest sense possible for what to do with her in the sitcom.”

The cast includes: Tom Ellis as love interest Gary, Patricia Hodge as Penny the mother, Sally Philips as school nemesis Tilly and Sarah Hadland as Stevie, Miranda’s best friend.






Miranda thought the show would be a complete flop and used to act out how she would greet her fellow comedians after the embarrassment of it’s unsuccessful airing. Bless.


Sarah Hadland was the last person to audition for Stevie. She came in to the room ranting about her building work that had been going wrong whilst eating all the jelly beans from the bowl on the table. Before Sarah had read a single line of the script Miranda knew she had found her Stevie. Aaaah!


Miranda’s favourite episode to write and perform was the one off therapist office episode in Series 2. They filmed it practically in one go, theatre style, stopping very rarely, but did it twice in front of two different audiences – a matinee and evening. It was Miranda’s two loves in theatre and sitcom coming together spectacularly.


And yes, it IS filmed in front of a studio audience. The joke shop set, flat and restaurant set are all built next to each other on the studio floor and they film in front of an audience of about 400. All the laughs, whoops, screams, and aaaahs are real. The myth of canned laughter is just that.

Such Fun!

“When I am naked in bed and I roll over, my breasts clap.”

“I don’t know who St Valentine was but

I hope he died alone surrounded by couples”

“Get me a skinny frappaccino, I’ve no idea what that is,

I'd like to think you’d be presented with a tiny Italian man.”

“Savoury muffins? SAVOURY muffins?

Life is full of enough disappointments Gary”

“I think running is wrong unless professionally or as a child.

Adults need to reclaim the gallop”