I was in mva,resulting in C ,T and L-spine fx, had 4 major surgery procedures & with 50/50 chance of death or possible paralysis from neck down! Fortunately I have positive results, with combination of pain medication & soma,I have at least been able to survive! Soma is the only muscle relaxer that actually works.My new pain management Dr.does not like it & wants me to discontinue using it. He is young, and at my age 68 ,I would prefer to live a better quality of life vs living longer and and suffering even more! I have read most of the studies, but these people do not live in severe pain and I have been in other rx stud studies,& they are not convincing or long term, I think these are big pharma slanted! Soma has been the best
About Comic Relief

From watching the first Red Nose Day as a teenager in 1988; to getting a job as a PA in the grants department in 2001; to then performing sketches and doing a variety of madcap sponsored tasks in her role as a comedian, Miranda has been a staunch supporter of Comic Relief.
In 2007 she took part in Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. In 2010 she was part of a Million Pound Bike Ride team that cycled from John O Groats to Lands End in a race to do it in the fastest time possible. And in 2013 it was Miranda’s Mad March in which she bravely took on a surprise, different and difficult task in front of the nation every day for a week, and raised over 1 million pounds.

She has performed many sketches including Miranda’s Pineapple Dance Studios with JLS. Miranda Does Sport Relief playing tennis against Tim Henman at the Albert Hall. Rapping with JLS live on Red Nose Day (the most frightened she has been about any performance!) and the National Treasures Sketch with Stephen Fry in 2015.

She has visited projects in the UK and in Uganda to see the extraordinary work that Comic Relief does. They have saved literally millions of lives, and continue to do so, as well as changing policy and raising awareness for key issues such as mental health, an area Miranda is particularly focused on.

About Spear

Miranda is absolutely passionate about young people gaining confidence and feeling empowered and hopeful to follow their dreams. Spear helps young people in London do just that. The programme, run by charity Resurgo, helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get into work. And 75% of those who complete Spear not only get into work or further training, but are still there a year later.

Miranda is looking in to setting up her own academy to help young people develop their creative side and nurture any budding comedians, writers and actors. Watch this space!

About Theatres Trust

The Theatres Trust is the national advisory body for theatres. We believe that current and future generations should have access to good quality theatre buildings, where they can be inspired by, and enjoy live theatre. We champion the future of live performance by protecting and supporting excellent theatre buildings which meet the needs of their communities. We do this by providing advice on the design, planning, development and sustainability of theatres, campaigning on behalf of theatres old and new and offering financial assistance through our grants programmes.

"My first love as an audience member and a performer is always theatre and I believe in its importance both nationally and locally. For me it isn’t just about the big spectacles where we celebrate our nations great actors, writers and directors; but it’s about nurturing new talent and providing an inspiring space where community can flourish, whether that’s for hosting workshops with local groups or schools, or simply being the place people get access to the theatre locally, and perhaps even for the first time. By its nature theatre provides creativity, inspiration, escapism, magic and vision. Things we all need and should nurture."


About Epic Arts
Through their three programmes of Inclusive Education, Community and Social Enterprise, Epic Arts mission in Cambodia is to build a society in which every person counts.  

In a country where disability is not inclusive and for example people with disabilities are not allowed to become teachers in state schools, Epic Arts does amazing work in providing creative workshops, as well as dance and theatre performances to integrate disabled and non-disabled performers.

Miranda temped in the Epic Arts UK office for a year and was at school with Katie Goad, one of the founders.